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Establishment of the Society and Gandhi Centenary School : During 1969 few elite of kakinada town of different walks in lives have joined and formed a society by name The Kakinada Educaiton Society, with an intention of Render English Educaiton after IV class for those from St.Joseph’s Convent. As the year 1969 being a Gandhi Centenary year the school was named after the name of the father of the nation, Gandhi Centenary School (English Medium) the school was first located in Roman Catholic Church opposite to St.Joseph’s Convent School with the blessings of mother Marie Luise with 15 pupils in 1969. The school got recognition in 1975 by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh. The K.E,S acquired the old St.Ann’s Girls school at a nominal cost. As year rolled and strength increased in 1981, the K.E.S has taken up a venture of construction of massive building consisting of 21 class rooms of ground and 1 floor. In the year 1989 K.E.S started Gandhi Centenary Junior College.
Aims of the Society : The main objects of the society is to promote and encourage the study of the English Medium including the National and Regional Language and to concert measure for starting new school and such other educations institutions without any profit.
The members have contributed and no member is entitled to take even honorarium and other amenities from the funds of K.E.S. This is the only organization unlike other institutions in kakinada run not on commercial lines. We are equally proud to say that there many not be any such other society exists in the country working for the cause of education and doing selfless service.
Members of the Society
Dr.D.V.Rama RaoPresident
Dr. N.S.R. SastryVice-President
Chodey ParasuramSecretary & Correspondent
Noorani JamalTreasurer
Sri.D. Jaganadha RaoAcademic Director
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