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Courses :
Aims of B.Ed Courses :
Possess competence to teach subjects of his specialization on the basis of accepted principle of learning and teaching in the context of the new school curriculum.
Develop skills, understandings, interests, and attitudes which would enable him to poster all round growth and development of the children under his care.
Possess sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of health and physical education, games and recreation activities and work experience.
Develop skills in identifying, selecting, innovating and organizing learning experience for teaching the above mentioned general and special subjects.
Develop under standings of psychological principles of growth and development individual difference and similarities and cognitive, psychomotor and attitudina learning.
Develop skills in guiding and councelling the children in solving their personal as well as academic problems.
Understand the role of home, the peer groups and the community in shaping the personality of the child and help to develop an amicable home school relationship for mutual benefit.
Understand the role of the school in changing the society.
Be enable to foster creative thinking among pupils for the reconstruction of knowledge.
Acquaint himself with the factors and forces with in the school and outside affecting education system and classroom situation.
Acquaint himself with the educational needs of special groups of pupils.
Develop commutation skills and to use the modern information technology and foster a desire for life long learning.
Faculty :
Teaching staff as per norms of N.C.T.E with a librarian and non-teaching staff.
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